Future of Pentax?

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Re: FF is about basic marketing common sense ...

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Your comments I have extracted don't answer that basic marketing sense at all. You presume customers buy only what is good for them. However, buyers do not respond to that call at all — they only justify the purchase with that excuse, but the real motivator is the product set above their limits, or above their chosen one. For Nikon it's D4. For Canon it's 1DX.

I don't presume that! My career was in the computer industry where identified upgrade paths were necessary, even for customers who were well down the features/power list.

(That is a bit different from the concept of prestige products that sell other products, which I question in this context. There appear to be plenty of people already buying the top-end of the Pentax non-professional range, perhaps on the promise of an upgrade path rather that the existence of a prestige product).

The reason for my questions was to elicit some analysis by the author of the somewhat inflexible article I was responding to. (Including "The future of DSLR photography is FF, and the future is now"). Rather than disagree directly, I prefered to coax the author into disagreeing with him/herself. However, the author appears to have gone quiet.

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