The flare from the 7-14 on my E-M5 is no longer purple

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Re: The flare from the 7-14 on my E-M5 is no longer purple

Just a little update to my OP: I have now managed to affix the filter to the baffle around the rearmost lens element by means of double-sided adhesive of the thinnest kind I could find.

So far, things appear to work out pretty much as expected although I have noticed one concern: Not surprisingly, the gelatin filter adds some flare of its own in some situations. Filters typically do and no gelatin filter really has anything like antireflective coatings as far as I am aware. But please let me know if I am wrong and if there are any other filters that could conceivably be mounted at the rear end of the lens and that might work better.

I don't know yet if this new flare is a "deal-breaker" or just a shortcoming that you might be able to live with if you want the benefit of getting rid of the purple. Based on what I can tell right now, it primarily becomes a problem when you have really prominent and concentrated light sources in the frame.

I'll try to come back with further information when I know more. For the time being, I just plan to leave the filter mounted and do a bit of ordinary shooting with it to see how it works out.

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