FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

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Re: No offense

Chato wrote:

A wonderful series of shots.

But one can tell at a glance, whether an image was shot from a P&S or an SLR.

Those were really nice, Dave. But not all would suggest they were taken with a D-SLR.

The shallower DOF would be the only give-a-way, IMHO.

The FZ200 can give good results, too...the O.P. is new to the FZ200.

Here's a few that might pass for DSLR:

All but the BIF were shot at f2.8. Many are -1 EV

Curious? Why come here and post images from a different brand and much higher end  camera...for what reason?

Maybe a few of us should go over to the Nikon forum and post some FZ200 shots thereĀ 


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