What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Re: what is the best m43 for focus tracking?

captura wrote:

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captura wrote:

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If I may be forgiven for straying, the best mirrorless cameras for continuous focus tracking may be the Sony NEX's, models 5R and 6. They employ hybrid phase detection auto-focus. (PDAF)

Sure about that? Did you see this test?


Here is a discussion:


From the first link, I see that the NEX models had the highest scores, save the NSX1000.

Sony NEX 7: 12.5

Sony NEX 5R: 13

Sony NEX 6: 15

I had expected the GH3 to win this one.

It's only that in this case a lower value is better (see the test description). So in fact all the MFT cameras tested are ahead of all the NEX cameras tested.

I don't think so. The reporter talked about the 5R outperforming his older 5n while doing test shots of his running toddler, at a Best Buy store. The 5R had the numerically higher score. It is designed for this purpose (same as the 6) with the addition of the new hybrid PDAF.

I was referring to what you said about the test by the FNAC lab that I linked to and whose figures you quote above. In that case, lower numbers are better than higher for reasons explained here. So all the MFT cameras are in fact ahead of all the NEX cameras.

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