Does anyone shoot action with a Sony SLT?

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Gary-West Sussex Contributing Member • Posts: 645
I shoot Kitesurfers and Wildlife with the A77 and A99

As with any camera it will take you a while to learn how to really exploit the cameras capabilities. I shoot kitesurfers and wildlife with both camera at 12fps (A77) and 6fps (A99) and am really happy with the results.

Photographing action Kitesurfing is quite difficult as the jumps and turns are usually very quick and unpredictable........see example (A77 at 12fps)

However BIFs are also very challenging as the smaller birds in particular are so fast.... see example (A99 at 6fps)

Redshank in flight

Both of these shots were hand held and panning/tracking the subject.

You should not expect to be an expert immediately and practice makes perfect.  I enjoy using both cameras for different reasons.  I particularly like the ability to set Auto-ISO in manual mode on the A99 effectively enabling you to pick the Apature and shutter speed you want and letting the camera adjust the ISO to achieve the correct exposure.

Hope this is helpful/re-assuring............ cheers .......... Gary

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