Holydays with rx100

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Re: Holydays with rx100

I really like them, except for 1, 2 and 4 which are more snapshot-like.

Nice composition on the rainy one (5), the drops on the surface really make this one. Interesting how "mundane" scenes can get interesting in certain circumstances.

I like the maze (7), but the cropping almost ruins it, cutting off the spire on the gazebo is very distracting. Also moving just slightly to the right would've centered it and made it perfectly symmetrical. The angle is just a bit from the left, which makes it look like the intention was for it to be in the center.

Same with the picture of the ceiling (8), here it would be nice to have it right in the center, or otherwise clearly tilted to make the intention clear on how you wanted it.

I also like number 6. While processed, I feel it makes it more interesting because of it. Nice processing, not too much, but enhancing the picture.

Finally, the landscape (9) is gorgeous.

Great job with the pictures, a nice change from the usual snapshots you see on the forums. Keep it up!

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