What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Re: Question should be "what is the least worst"

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Where does the gh3 or OM-D rank in AF speed and tracking of ERRATIC AND QUICK moving objects when compared to all cameras on the market? Also, where does it compare using live view and not a viewfinder? Most dslr's seam to lag at this. Anyone tried a recently released dslr live view or something similar vs. m4/3? I'd think you'd start to be comparable here.

No, it is not comparable. Recently I tried Nikon D600 with 70-300 and D7000 with 55-300. Both, even with a viewfinder/PDAF, are significanly slower in S-AF compared to OM-D with Oly 40-150 (especially that 55-300 takes its time), in Live View they are simply unusable. Times (for focusing between an object approximately 30 m away to an object about 3 m away, in Costco warehouse light) are about like this:

OM-D + 40-150 - less than 1 s, probably closer to 0.5s, feels like "snap"


PDAF 1.5-2s

CDAF ~5 s (hard to say, long time)


PDAF 2-3s

CDAF a lot of hunting and inconsistency, 6+ s.

I don't even think it is primarily the cameras' fault, the lenses just have heavy focusing groups and relatively (in relation to the weight of the focusing groups) weak motors. DSLR lenses would focus slow on OM-D too.

Thanks, that's interesting insight. Thanks. Would you say then that a dslr beats OM-D through the viewfinder and the reverse through live view?

Peevee1 is saying that the OM-D wins against the dslr full stop.

Not all dslr+lens combos, just those available in Costco that I tested for this particular purpose.

I guess with the right lens for S-AF he's probably right, but in practical terms with decent light I find them pretty much equal for S-AF (I can't remember ever having a 2 second hunt on any Nikon in normal light) but as soon as you go to live view the OM-D is a whole different beast compared to the SLR.

I never have "normal" light for indoor sports, in fact the light in a tipical gym is much worse than in the Costco warehouse. And 2-3s for PDAF with 55-300 was not "hunt" (unlike CDAF), it was simply slow stroll.

Personally I wouldn't use any SLR in live view for autofocus of anything that wasn't static, I had a brief play with a Nikon D7100 at the weekend and neither that nor the D800 is catching up in terms on live view AF.

They are both better at tracking AF through the viewfinder though.

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