In love with the FZ200 right out of the box

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Given that the FZ200 jpegs are rather good  . . . . .

Without quoting your whole message, thank you, that is very helpful and I have read it carefully and shall make notes accordingly.

On FZ8 RAW images taken at 400-1250 ISO, just running the Silkypix 3 Defaults and denoising and tweaking afterwards gave me better results than the JPEGs, so that was a bit of a start in this direction. The rescue helicopter again.


but 5 is supposed to be _much_ better than 3.

Yes I know Sherm.  I meant that even Silkypix 3 Defaults helped me at times with the FZ8, therefore Silkypix Pro 5, even the Defaults, might help me a lot more with the FZ200 on a bad day or on High ISO.

Not sure if you have SPPro5. The "panasonic only" campaign is good until the end of this month

I have been hesitating to get SP Pro 5 for all the reasons discussed here, and because I have a track record of buying stuff and then not using it, or not taking to it, and because I don't like PP anyway. The Confessional.

RAW is going to be barrel-shaped at wide angle, did we say that SP Pro 5 Defaults will straighten that out automatically?

I knew about the end-of-April thing, which is why I have been asking these questions.


Try the download - it's free to use for 30 days.  You can use it for both Raw and JPG editing.

Yes - Wide angle raw is handled automatically.


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