No Manaul Control of Canon Speedlight with Phottix Odin

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Re: No Manaul Control of Canon Speedlight with Phottix Odin


What you are describing should certainly not happen!

Which Speedlites exactly are you using?

Even my ancient 550Exs function perfectly (both ETTL and remotely adjusted M, 1/3rd Stops, even) with my Odins. Same goes with my 580ExIIs.

With Odins, the Speedlites needs to be left in their factory default starting setup. ie Showing 'ETTL' on screen, not slave nor master, not HSS nor SCS. The Odin TCU to Rx system completely takes over control. When the TCU says that a Group is in M, that indeed should be happening - the Speedlite screen does not confirm 'M', it simply shows the set Ap after first pressure on the shutter button.

My Odins havn't missed a single beat for 16 months - come back if you are still having issues.

Cheers, Donald

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