Just posted - our XF 14mm F2.8 R review

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Re: Just posted - our XF 14mm F2.8 R review

km25 wrote:

Is the CZ 12mm an AF lens? I just known the cost is going to hgh. The Fuji 14mm has normal venetting and is only soft in the edges at f2.8, then super sharp. Does have near prefect distortion correction, not in software but the lens. The 21mm angle of view is about as wide as I wish to get. Wait for the CZ, it maybe a good idea, but it will be a more a different lens the a better. FYI, you can make the Fuji 14mm a super fast focusing lens. Frist set the lens at least F5.6 or F8.0 MF.Then hyperfocuse. The point and shoot. Almost as fast focusing.......get it. PS I love the MF/AF that Fuji has set up for this camera, but then again I once had a Nikkormat.

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The Zeiss also comes as dedicated XF lens, so should be able to match the XFs. 

We´ll see about the costs; if it keeps around the initial quote (´about a 1000€´), that´s not very different from the Fuji in my mind. AF/MF as set up for these cameras is the point indeed, in that it does not work as usual with the XF 14/2.8. At comparable IQ being the most important, which I do expect from Zeiss, if it comes without that clutch, it will be theirs, otherwise the Fuji.

I know about FOV, I shoot 12 - 840mm equivalent on my DSLRs. I also know about the clutch, one of my Sigma lenses had it. Hate that clutch! 

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