Do you leave your A77 (or other SLT/SLR) behind when you go on holiday?

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Re: Do you leave your A77 (or other SLT/SLR) behind when you go on holiday?

Beaverhelmet wrote:

Tom2572 wrote:

So, throwing the question out there, do you feel comfortable leaving your best camera behind when you go on vacation?

Yes I do. Though I love my A77, 16-50 f/2.8, Minolta 28-135 "secret handshake", Sigma 100-300 f/4 APO and HVL F58AM, I am not out of options whith my smaller camera stuff. I also own three NEX cameras and 45+ legacy lenses ranging from small rangefinders to big clunky Zeiss SLR. No limits more than my imagination and my own back.

Dear Beaverhelmet (I know is not not your name, but I do not have the real one!)

As I am not totally satisfied with my DT 18-250 (IQ wise) I am planning to use my old Minolta 28-135 (which I already have and that in my opinion is a good lens) mated with a Sony 16-50, which I am planning to buy. I know that the 28-135 doesn't have the same zoom range of the 18-250, but I think to compensate the low end with the 16-50 and the high end, if really necessary, with cropping (with the A77 and the 28-135 it shouldn't be a problem). Obviously I have to use two lenses instead of one. My intention is to keep the 16-50 on the camera, as a walk around/standard lens, and use the 28-135 if I need more reach. Having you both lenses, from your experience do you suggest such approach?



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