Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

jk2l wrote:

I think you should do some research on nex compare to fujifilm. As far as I know both have some pro and con in different area so you have to decide that on your own

But IMO fujifilm both camera and lens are more expensive so if you are on budget that try to keep your spending low then I will suggest you can go with nex.

You could look at it the opposite way though and say that if your buying a higher end body like the Fuji's or the Nex 6/7 your also probabley looking for high end lens performance.

Sony's disadvanatge here is that most of their releases have been aimed at the budget market while there higher end lenses(Ziess 24mm, 10-18mm) are very expensive. With Fuji on the other hand you know that all 5 lenses released so far are good performers with all but the 14mm not being THAT expensive.

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