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Re: A few from the Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye

taius wrote:

texinwien wrote:

I've posted some of  these elsewhere, but figured it wouldn't hurt to post again. I purchased a Samyang Rokinon Bower Walimex 7.5mm f/3.5 UMC Fisheye last Wednesday and have been having a blast with it, so far.
[snipped photos]

If you're looking for a fun m43 lens at a bargain price, I recommend this 7.5mm Fisheye highly. In combination with kenw's defishing profiles and/or other defishing tools, you get a lens that's versatile, well-built and delivers very good image quality for a reasonable price (~$300).


Hello Tex, I Love your fisheye photos! Great that the you are enjoying the lens. I also had the lens but had to return it as I found it too difficult to use with my GH3, I guess I am just not quick enough with a tight manual focus ring! So, I bought the Lumix 8mm fisheye and I just took my first photos with it. I posted these elsewhere, but here they are again in case you can't find these. I agree, with the defishing software, these lenses are amazing and fun! These shots are from yesterday, our first trip to London.

[snipped photos]

Nice Shots, taius!

I find that I don't need to adjust the focus ring too often. According to this DOF calculator, if I use f/3.5 and focus at 1.25 meters, everything from 0.59 meters through infinity will be in focus. That takes care of 90% of my shots.

It's only at closer focus distances where I have to pay more attention to getting it right. I've been using the 'pseudo focus peaking' settings (based on the key line art filter) on the E-M5 for this, and I feel like they work quite well, at least with this particular lens.

Either way, glad you found a fisheye that you like - have a look at 'defishing' tools, as well - they're a neat way to make your fisheye a more versatile lens, allowing you to use it as an ultra wide as well as a fisheye.

Hope you have/had fun in London, and thanks for sharing your shots!


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