A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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Re: A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

The only issue I have with all the equivalence talk, other than that it is the the topic that "keeps on giving" is that when I put a 70-200 f.28 lens on my FF camera my first thought isn't "Ah, the sensor is twice the area of my GH3 so I should immediately crank up the ISO two stops".

Although it is fair to say GH3 ISO is really equivalent to a bigger number than FF ISO in some ways (i.e. noise) and just reflects the smaller sensor needs more "gain" to get the exposure and so the ISO is just what makes the maths work. (People do seem to see ISO as some thing that is equivalent between systems, rather than being implemented as a fudge-factor to make exposure maths work).

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