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Re: Coolpix A on Camera Size

marike6 wrote:

Neurad1 wrote:

No pictures of the Nikon Coolpix A yet, though.

The Coolpix A is here:


It's pretty amazing that the Coolpix A is about the same size as the RX100.  Bit if low-light shooting is a priority, I'd definitely favor the Nikon over the RX100.

On DxOMark the Low-light score for each:

Sports (Low-Light ISO) score

Coolpix A         1164  ISO

OM-D                826  ISO

RX100               390  ISO

So if I were you, I'd either get a small PEN or the A.  The f4.9 max aperture on the RX100 is a kind of a deal breaker, at least for low-light shooting.  That said, at the wide end the RX100 does open up to f1.8 vs f2.8 for the Coolpix A.

Best of luck, Markus

Thanks Markus. For under $900 I could get the  EPL-5 and the Lumix 20 1.7.  I wonder if that might not be my best choice since I have a fairly well stocked stable of M43 lenses. Hard to decide, as small size and pocketability are still very important to me.  The PEN will still be a bit larger than I had in mind. The A is very enticing, but the fixed focal length keeps worrying me.....say I'm in a pub and want to zoom in on a musician or dancer. I'll be out of luck. Of course that would be true if I was using the EPL-5 and a 20 1.7 pancake, too. Why can't I have it all, dang it?

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