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Re: I'm just glad I picked a system with a 2x crop factor...

falconeyes wrote:

slimandy wrote:

If you only use one system just learn what works for you using that system. Any 'equivalent' calculations become pointless.

Yes, that's right.

But most photographers work with a multitude of systems and I really would appreciate if all scales (aperture, ISO, focal length, exposure time) would be in 35mm equivalent terms so I could focus on my photography.

That would only make sense to people who use 35mm. I'd rather have the actual focal length and aperture. I understand the equivalents well enough. Once I start using a system I soon work out what I like to use and stop comparing it to my FF camera.

Obviously, exposure time would be the same in 35mm equivalent terms, but the other 3 aren't. That's a burden.

It would be problem with lenses mounting on both APSC and FF, but much less so for FT. I might more easily pick up a mFT as my 2nd system if I wouldn't have to rethink all scales all the time ...

That's the point, you don't have to do it all the time. It's a guide to get you started. The confusion starts when people lose track of what we are actually comparing, as this thread illustrates! Too many people are using the equivalent focal length but not the equivalent aperture. That doesn't make sense. I think many people lose sight of the fact that it is the sensor that is different and causes us to make comparisons. The lens does not change. A 100mm lens is a 100mm lens, simple as that. The actual aperture does not change but neither does the actual focal length. If you double the focal length to get a equivalent focal length you need to double the aperture to get the equivalent aperture. I think that should be simple too. Obviously it isn't.

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