what are you shooting at 300-400mm ?

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Re: what are you shooting at 300-400mm ?

I have owned three different versions of the Nikon 300mm lens, and used them on two different cameras. I finally settled on the f/4 version for my Nikon D800 camera. I have to say that, although the lenses are fun to use from time to time, none of them have impressed me that much. I am a believer in sharp images. And, I find it difficult to get satisfactory sharp images with the 300mm lenses, even when using a tripod and a cable release. I think that, if Nikon would add VR to this lens, it would greatly help. I have used LensAlign on the F/4 version I currently own; and I am pretty certain that it will not get any sharper than it is. In May I plan to take it to Hawaii for some surfing shots. I am anxious to see how it does. Here is one of maybe 20 attempts to take a pelican in flight. I used a tripod, a Kirk lens collar, a heavy ball head and a cable release. Perhaps I am too picky.

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