Future of Pentax?

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Re: No FF? Pentax will die.

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But, if Pentax does not follow the trend to use The FF sensors that are becoming available, and capitalize on its older experience, I am very pessimistic as to the future of the company to keep a good place in the current market.

Even with the relatively low cost D600 and 6D options from Nikon and Canon, the FF segment of the market is tiny. Net effect, Pentax isn't going to live or die on this.

I am fulframe whiner.

Stop doing that. I did, I switched. I simply recognized that it wasn't coming, but Pentax still makes great gear.

Good for you!

I trust in Pentax wisdom!

Because people are looking what camera brand made those excellent pictures! Canon... And they want to buy Canon!

No... Some of us bought Nikon. In fact, most of the switches I can think of in this forum went Nikon. I have to say, it's not all that big a switch, but I find Canon alien.

I saw that stream with people switching to Nikon here.  Wiser approach is canon - can easier use Pentax lenses on Canon body (no extra optical element needed).

My individual point of view - in Latvia Canon has local repair and service centers (many!). Nikons are sent abroad. Even to get quote it is time consuming and makes expenses.

Caonon is more popular and seems better with lens options, high iso performance on budget fulframes etc.

All my friends are Canon users. Starting from 5dII up to high end marks. So - for mi individually it is no brainer than to switch to Canon. Although I have for pentax everything in double (my wife likes photography too).

Pentax NEED to make Fuflrame and give it for free, even paying some money for transport to take it from them.

??? What?!?

And Nikon is doing this already. And have some success, actually!

No they aren't.

Of course they do.

Some five years ago they offered to main news agencies for free D3 and some huge telel lenses. And they rejected. Just because all of them are using canon, there is sevice, rent and borrowing options.

So, most of local contests ar sponsored by Nikon givin as pirzes their cameras. Even more like EU level ones too. For example, just some days ago ended this one:

Check out prizes: http://festival.iamphotographer.eu/EN/photo-contest/baltic-wedding-portrait-and-nature-photo-contest-2013/

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