For beginner DSLR users.....why the kit lenses are more than good enough for you

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Re: For beginner DSLR users.....why the kit lenses are more than good enough for you

Sovern wrote:

Toedtoes wrote:

I disagree.  It's not about taking the gear out of photography, it's about understanding how the gear AFFECTS photography.  A faster lens, a longer lens, a full-frame camera, a crop camera, etc. - they all affect your final image.  Knowing how they do so is important.  You can't just ignore all that.

Yes, there are techniques and knowledge that will follow across everything, but one must know when those techniques and knowledge DON'T cross over from one piece of equipment to another that is important.  It will enable you to make an educated decision on whether the kit lens is sufficient for your needs or if you need a faster lens, a longer or wider lens, a flash, a prime, etc.

It's not an all or nothing - a kit lens is not ALWAYS the right tool, but it may be the right tool for THIS INSTANCE.  The trick is learning when.

So would you recommend that a new photographer or a photographer that is mediocre upgrade his kit lens to a $1,000 17-55 2.8 and a $1,000 70-200F4 IS because it "effects the final image"?

After all, that's the main point in my article.

The kit lenses are highly versatile lenses and in the right hands they can photograph anything.

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The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

Ah, so that's the point.   Once again, the wrong word.   'Effects'  is both a verb and a noun, but the word you are looking for is 'affects'.

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