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Why equivalence is for artists mainly

Alumna Gorp wrote:

I`m a bloody artist

Alumna, the principle of 35mm equivalence was introduced for artists. Because for an artist, the size of the sensor couldn't matter less.

So, rather than thinking in technical terms like 35mm, F/2.8 and ISO100 for a camera with unspecified sensor size (which means, the artist would be unable to assess artistic merits w/o further technical knowledge), the artist is offered to think in artistic terms which are 70mm, F/5.6 and ISO400.

The latter offers full artistic control w/o the need to consult further technical data of the camera used. Also, the light meter reading will match as ISO was matched properly too.

You find the full background story here:

-> http://www.falklumo.com/lumolabs/articles/equivalence/index.html

Engineers need no equivalence, they work in the physical space as given by the sensor size. But artists don't want to care about the sensor size as it has no influence on the final image. Only the 4 equivalent settings aperture, field of view, iso and exposure time do. Either use all four, or none, of the above settings in their equivalent meaning. Never mix'em up like so many of us always do.

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