Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

thenewcameraguy wrote:

Went to a camera Store today they don't carry nikon or sony but every other brands.

Many years ago (oh, maybe a decade?), I was shopping for cameras and had it narrowed down to a couple but pretty much decided on a particular Sony camera.  (It was very competitive in price and feature-laden.  Best of all, it was responsive and didn't have the kind of shutter lag most cameras have/had.)  But when I went to look in one camera store to ask if they carried it, they not only said that they didn't carry Sony, they pretty much let me know that they hated Sony!  Not the cameras specifically, but the company.  Apparently, some of the camera companies have strange and obnoxious rules about who is allowed to sell their cameras -- they require a certain amount of counter space, and you have to sell a certain amount.  If a store already specializes in other major brands, they might not be able to carry those AND take on yet another major brand.  I really don't know why they were so p-ed off, though.

Anyway, this could be why they don't carry certain brands.

The sales guy showed me X-E1 Fuji and he said it's better than nex 6 and it competes with nex 7 and beats nex 7 and I also went to Sony store to see the Nex 6 and 7. Do you guys think Fuji X-E1 competes with nex 7 and it's better? I know Fuji is expensive than both nex so does that makes it better? And the sales guy also told me sony has 5 lenses and they won't release more lens after Thier full frame nex. Is that True? I don't want to buy nex cameras and be stuck with 5 lenses. Either way if I end up with nex I will only have 3 lenses the most. If the sales guy statements are true I'll get Fuji. Please share what you guys think?

I think you're just going to have to try to handle both cameras and see what you like.  Most brands are going to have good cameras, but I find that it's subtle things that I like or don't like that make a big difference.  How big is it?  Do I like the grip?  Is it responsive?  For someone else, it might be more important if it's good for sports/action.

And what does "better" mean?  You can do better with a DSLR, but then it's larger and more expensive (particularly depending upon the lens).

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