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Re: EPL 3 lenses?

deryn wrote:

Hi all, those of you using the standard kits lens on the EPL3, how much do you rate it? And those of you that have bought lenses what would be the obvious non kit lens to buy?


The kit lens is decent and its very light and compact.

What next lens ? Difficult to answer without knowing what you want to do.

  • Travel light - Supplement your kit with the 40-150 to make a versatile lightweight but capable take-anywhere kit.
  • Wide angle. If you like to shoot scenics/landscapes then a wide angle might be a good choice. You can use any focal length for landscape, but you will need a wide angle. The Oly 9-18 is a good lightweight compact wide angle zoom - no fast but you don't need fast apertures for landscapes. If you prefer a prime then the 12mm f2 would be my choice here.
  • Portraits. The kit lens can do portraits but the Oly 45mm 1.8 is a really excellent portrait lens, and has a fast aperture for more versatility with DOF.
  • Macro. The Oly 60mm macro looks like a good bet if you want to get seriously into close up and macro photography. There are cheaper options than a dedicated macro lens though if you just want to dabble.
  • Primes. Good prime lenses offer some advantages over zooms. They usually have faster apertures for more control over DOF (subject isolation). They are usually a tad sharper and have fewer aberrations. They have better micro contrast - can deliver more of a sense of depth to an image. There are several good options at various focal lengths.



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