Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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5R + 16-50 PZ user here...

From 6 weeks of use and 25 years of 'prosumer' photography, reading forums, noticing number of returns in some stores, my take:

1. The kit lens is intermittent. IE, some people find it fine, other do not. Mine makes a terrible (mechanical) noise when zooming whilst recording video. So do the same lenses on the two shop demo models I have tried, yet Sony claim on their website that it is a silent zoom.

2. It is VERY hard to get good closeup shots, whether the camera is on full auto or full manual, inc manual focus. I have owned and own several smart phones and it is easier to get a good colourful shot of a flower with those than the 5R + PZ. There is something very wrong with the firmware and/or the mechanics of the lens.

I previously own a Panasonic GH2 + the excellent (hence pricey) 14-140mm zoom and never had such issues.

On the upside, the PZ is superb for interior and scenic photography, but I'm still going to say that the dynamic range from my setup does not equal that from my previous cameras and even my Samsung Galaxy Note whose camera was outstanding.

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