Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Re: Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

Kodachrome200 wrote:

you persist in this nonsense. the upgrade price was the first thing is saw when I tried to do this

You seem to have completely missed the satire. I am agreeing with you, and others, who think this FUD about subscription is all a non-issue. The store options are all easily there to be understood; while remembering that Adobe's online storefront, and pricing, may look and work a little differently when viewed from different countries.

The new upgrade qualification (previous version only) is IMO a little harsh, but still not bad considering Adobe's CS products are professional level software on the cheap, compared with what people pay for some other software which you could make your living by.

The CAD software I use at work costs £1200 to buy and £900 to upgrade, or £200 a year on top of the purchase price to subscribe for free upgrades... for the cheap alternative (Elements equivalent). The full-function product costs something around three times all those numbers, and quite a bit more again, for the Suite of related programs.

If I got to choose, I would pick a PS ownership model where you can buy upgrades up to say 3 back, but on a sliding scale - and, an annual subscription known in advance, would retain you on the current version - but delivered conventionally, not as a rental. This would feel more palatable to the user IMO if set at say 80-90% of the annual cost through standard upgrades, while offering Adobe a more certain and settled revenue stream in return.

It would keep people more comfortably on board, iow. As it is, people will each time be contemplating: do I cut my losses this time, or hold on a bit longer... so every year they will be looking seriously at the alternatives, which never used to be the case. Or if they are on rental, they may cancel renewals at any moment if it isn't working out for them.

But - I don't get to choose anything, except - be a customer, or be a non-customer, for whatever is the current offering.

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