NX300 unboxed, impression and comparing with old 20mp sensor camera

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NX300 unboxed, impression and comparing with old 20mp sensor camera

2 boxes - 1 for camera and 1 for case bag. thank you Samsung.

comes with Samsung Micro SD adapter card 8 GB. don't know speed but no matter.

comes with Adobe LightRoom 4.1. support not yet available but soon this April update from Adobe as promised. shoot jpeg for now.

comes with 18-55 lens with metal mount? MK III version.

body - look more like old rangefinder but build quality same as old NX. high quality. more grip around the body which is nice compare to previous model which are less secure and slipping. much more professional vintage look.

controls - look the same except record button is located in much better location without incident. also removed some modes which are redundant and pointless. missing one dial, feels weird without it but can manage change over time.

AMOLED display screen - bigger means better, yes? tilting is ok but not yet used when needed to. also, touchscreen which is cool new feature.

performance - camera very fast and response time. witness few occasional lag with screen switch and movie but not often. hope corrected thru firmware. no more waiting period or camera lockup during processing. read/write is very fast even with bundled SD card. everything accessible and controlled. bam bam bam.

autofocus - speed don't look different with previous camera in my opinion. cannot time it. laugh. but accuracy is very promising. plenty of focused shots even in difficult situations. shutter reacts fast and recovers quickly. very important. wanting it be like Canon 6D but that's too much to ask. laugh. opinion on speed is seem to be smooth and hear fast but AF lock confirmation feel the same but picture result tell otherwise. it's improved. hope firmware improve it better and faster. daytime shot result is very fast.

movie - quality is very high in my opinion. really smooth and fast like watching cinema. new control setup for recording. very weird. manual control lacking? I think you can still set ISO up under manual. not sure, but if not, maybe next firmware fix it or not necessary?

interface - very easy because of touch menu. even baby can use it. laugh. select focus is now very fast and very useful for composition. but sometime can be sluggish especially with the point focus/shot option. no matter still fast and quick with other option with point focus/shutter option. firmware update not of real necessity at present but improvement is better.

Picture Quality (jpeg) - very sharp and very high resolution. big difference over old 20MP sensor. my opinion 2 stops better than previous one. tried noise reduction off and very good result at ISO 12800.NX300 ISO3200 very clean and ISO 6400 is very good. ISO 12800 is still good at certain color print level but my feeling is it looks digital.

NX300 ISO 12800 look partly close to NX200 at ISO 3200 with slightly more potential with the NX300 picture. with decent workflow, ISO 12800 still look better quality than NX200 ISO 3200. color integrity and accuracy is very very good even in very high ISO and in difficult setting. I imagine raw would look. very very bright future.  very impressed with quality.

sensor/drime IV - in my opinion, responsible for great color and dynamic range. notice high acutance, so possible absence of AA filter. no matter since noise and moire is well maintained. may need to soften up image on some situation, but not complaining. better compared to sharp artifacts caused by sharpening. less process needed in my opinion.

Samsung sensor as good as current fullframe sensor? my opinion is say very close. camera is 20MP APS-C, let's not forget. maybe Samsung fullframe is in the job with same or more improved materials. but even with same sensor with NX300, I think result will be better than APS-C version.

summary: excellent camera by Samsung. two thumbs up.

Canon EOS 6D Samsung NX200 Samsung NX300
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