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Re: Why not? Why put a fast lens on it otherwise?

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I do appreciate you taking samples, but is it possible to just go outside and take a normal landscape or cityscape image.  Taking cans of food, or newspaper indoors at close range is not all that useful.

Actually he did these because many of us were asking for them.  I think what sets this camera apart from others in its class is the bright lens, which makes it attractive for indoor available light. The question many of us have is whether the brighter lens (f/2.7 at the long end) makes it better for this type of shooting than the Nikon P330 (which is f/5.6 at the long end). The Nikon has the larger sensor, but is the image quality at, say, ISO 1600 better than what the XZ-10 can do at 400? Unfortunately almost all sample photos I have found are at the base ISO.

Personally I'm less interested in how the XZ-10 performs at ISO 3200, but I would like to know how it performs at ISO 100.  I just don't see low-light shooting as a particular strength of any small sensor compacts.

Anyway, after having a look at these links, perhaps you'll understand my request to the OP.  My problem is I really like the XZ-10 form factor and bright lens and would buy it in a second if only I could find two or three sharp base ISO scenics from it. Thanks and happy shooting, Markus  

Why can't low light be a priority for a camera that has an f/1.8-2.7 zoom? Oh sure maybe it will slightly blur the background a bit more than f/5.6, but at the focal lengths used for such small sensors the depth of field isn't going to be nearly as shallow as with a larger sensor camera that uses longer focal lengths to achieve the same fields of view.

Low light is a priority for my wife. Despite the fact that we have a Nikon DSLR and an Olympus OM-D E-M5 at home, along with a shelf full of f/2.8 and faster lenses, she has no interest in using a complicated camera that requires frequent lens changes. She would rather use her iPhone to take photos of our kids indoors. Even at the playground the light gets low (we live in the pacific northwest)

A few years ago I would have said there just isn't much point to buying a compact sensor camera for low-light photos, but that was because even high-end compact cameras had two big problems (three if count poor AF in low light): Horrid image quality above ISO 200 or 400 and slow lenses that would be at f/5.6 in the short tele range. Now you can get compact cameras (like the XZ-10) with bright/fast lenses that let you keep the ISO in the camera's comfort zone as the light gets lower. Combine that f/2.7 tele with very good ISO 400 IQ and you've got a camera perfectly capable of taking good available light photos indoors on a typical day in our house. If the ISO is still usable at 1600 or 3200 (by usable I mean looks good on the Web or in a 4x6 print), then it will be good for indoors at night as well. No it won't match my E-M5 at f/2.7, but it will blow an iPhone camera out of the water... as well as any two or three year old high-end compact cameras.

I use my E-M5 or my Nikon for landscapes and architecture, so I guess we are looking at the XZ-10 for very different reasons and both dismayed at the lack of reviews and sample shots

And there seems to be a real lack of normal outdoor XZ-10 images.  And the ones I have found, the infinity focus scenics, landscapes, cityscapes, etc. have not looked very impressive so I'm not sure I agree that any modern compact can produce excellent daylight images.  The bar set by the S100, P7700, G15, et al is pretty high.

Note that I didn't say, "excellent." I said "very well." If I'm going for landscape shots to print at 13x19 or larger I'm going to stick with my larger sensor cameras and use a tripod along with my best lenses . Not that you can't get impressive results out of some of the cameras you mentioned, but aside from the S100 these are larger cameras...and the S100 has a slower lens. Olympus wouldn't put an f/1.8 to 2.7 zoom in a compact if they didn't intend for it to appeal to low-light shooters, and personally I wouldn't be surprised if they made some compromises to get the zoom that fast. Maybe the corner to corner sharpness will not be as good, or maybe there will be more fringing or CA with a faster lens. Hard to tell from samples that are likely shot as JPEG. Some of the ones I've seen were not taken in the best light either, so it's kind of like judging snapshots rather than looking at the results of people who have used the camera for a while and are presenting their best images.

It is a new camera though, so I guess we can't expect a ton of sample shots and professional reviews just yet. The most useful information, and best samples I've seen, have been from the jim4850  and others who have posted on this site.


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