SLT-A99V Color Contamination

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Sony A99 High ISO Images

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Just an update... Sony did follow through this afternoon. They asked that I upload sample RAW files for their inspection. Clearly, ACR did way better then Aperture in converting the images, so thanks to Paul and everyone else who suggested it.
I've got three bad images heading up to my Dropbox this afternoon, so we will see what they have to say.

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I would also be interested to hear what Sony has to say on this issue. Recently, I took some very high ISO images with the Sony A99 in the nocturnal house at a popular New Zealand nature reserve, as described here:

Florescent will definitely do that to a picture. There's 3 white balance settings for florescent as well as a manual Kelvin scale to play with. In the future, it's really fun to play with the manual white balance setting as not only can you use it as to correct for certain lighting, but make for some fairly interesting creative effects.

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Clint Kapp

Thanks Clint, I agree that it probably was the type of lighting used in the nocturnal house that was the primary cause of the green cast that occurred in my high ISO images that were captured in near darkness.

I did a few A99 tests today in very low light using ISO 16000, and these were pretty good and showed little evidence of major color casts. I also tried the same sort of tests with my Sony A55, and the A99 results were a great deal better, as you would expect.

I think the A99 images I have taken in almost complete darkness at ISO 16000 and above show how good the camera is, and the noise in these images is well below what I had expected.

I think that it's necessary to do lots of high ISO tests in many types of lighting before you can conclude that the A99 has "color contamination" problems. In addition, I think it's a good idea to compare the A99 results with what other Sony cameras produce under the same lighting conditions.



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