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Re: Faith vs Science? (Snipits vs truth that already exists?)

RomanJohnston wrote:

Roman Johnston wrote:

"Testing is one thing.....and I am good with that.

Going ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and....

Its what many DO with the results that I have issue with.

I am all for informed decisions."

Funny...the answer to your question was the part of that response you cut out. Did you do that on purpose?

It was an attempt at humour. Clearly it fell flat, at least for you.

An ex-Prime-Minister of Australia once responded to opponents that accused him of "economic rationalism". He quipped "What's the alternative? Economic Irrationalism?"

To be clear about my position all jokes aside, I'm all for people testing and pushing the camera to all sorts of limits to understand it. I don't need to want to do 12EV HDR to want to know about this issue. I'd rather find out from someone pushing the camera beyond it's limits than after I've bought the camera and it has ruined or degraded shots for me.

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