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Re: Test implications for the F900

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Wellington100 wrote:

Hi Kim, based on all of your tests of the HS50, the outcome for the F900 looks very good. The only question is whether the lens is sharp or suffers from de-centering issues like so many cameras did from the F500 onwards.

Yeah, I have not done much with the cam at wide angle yet ... been waiting for the weekend to get it out into the woods with the 50. Should be fun if the weather breaks again.

If the F900 lens is good, then this camera looks like it will be a winner. Am I right in thinking that WiFi and or GPS are a thing of the past now in the F series and does it matter?

WiFi is able to transfer to your phone directly (the camera becomes a hot spot) and it is able to take the GPS coordinates from your phone, so they have both covered now. It;s a bit clunky, but I plan to do a video review showing how that works.

Assuming the lens is good, I feel that the 4 degree angle of view of the F900 at full zoom is not all that different from the 2 degree angle of view of the HS50 for composing to justify the HS50 over the F900. I easily live without the convenience of an EVF for the sake of pocketability.

Well, double the reach is still pretty slick

But I agree ...

The EVF is useful because of the reach, but it is not all that nice once you've used a mirrorless from Panasonic for example.

Pocketability is really useful, and is probably worth the reach sacrifice.

The F900EXR will probably be better at telephoto macro ... needs some testing. Super macro is a joke because of the issue with letting light in. But attaching an achromat again makes the HS interesting ... I wish I could keep it through spring into Peony season

That F900 does look good. I recently discovered a simple technique using super macro with the F300. If you stick one finger an inch or 2 in front of the flash and shoot with the flash on, you can get a well lit and exposed Super Macro. I picked a bunch of grapes from the vine and these bad boys were sitting on them, so I took a shot indoors at night and it came out badly. Then I switched on the flash, put my forefinger an inch or two in front of it of it and took 3 shots. All worked but this one was the best. You might want to try this out for yourself. For all I know, two fingers will be better than one, but I never thought to try it at the time

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