A few words on Equivalence and comparing systems

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nothing wrong with being honest

Hey, I choose FF because I don't need large sensor performance and I like the smaller size. Others might choose crop instead of FF for the same reason. Others might choose some pocket cam. Its a size, cost, and performance trade off

The point is to not go around stating that your smaller camera offers the same performance as the larger ones. It may certainly met your needs, no question though.

DOF is one of the characteristics of the envelope I described.   Yes, when I choose a camera with a smaller sensor and associated lenses of similar speed (f/ratio), I sacrifice DOF flexibility.  If I'm willing to accept that compromise, then I've narrowed my shooting envelope.   If I'm shooting pictures within that envelope, the fact that I could achieve smaller DOF with a larger-sensored camera (and associated lens) is irrelevant to me.

My worldview is to understand that the camera/lens choice reduces the envelope.   Therefore if I'm happy to live within the smaller envelope then "equivalence" arguments are really pointless.   I really don't care if a particular lens is inferior to it's FF "equivalent" because I've decided I'm quite happy living with the limitations of the smaller format and its lenses.

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