For beginner DSLR users.....why the kit lenses are more than good enough for you

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Re: For beginner DSLR users.....why the kit lenses are more than good enough for you

Toedtoes wrote:

Sovern wrote:

Toedtoes wrote:

I agree with those comments.

Also, you state:

"just that the main people that will gain anything from these lenses are the ones that are shooting often, professionally, and are being paid, as they are the ones where the little bit of extra speed/quality will help them as their photos already look excellent and a good photographer will take good photos with any gear."

That last bit "a good photographer will take good photos with any gear" is canceling out your statement that only the pros will gain from the lens.  If they can take good photos with any gear, then why do they need to spend the money on the more expensive lens?

I do understand your attempt.  It's true, as a beginner, it is far more helpful to learn HOW to shoot before putting money out on upgrading your lens.  But, you take it way beyond that and imply that no one really needs the expensive lenses at all.

You also ignore the other major reason for buying a more expensive lens:  IQ.

You missed out on the point that I made about the lens being the icing on the cake. I mentioned that but you either skipped reading it or forgot it.

I said that once a photographer has good technique and knows what they're doing (IE they can take good photos consistently) only then should they upgrade the lens as it's the least important thing when it comes to image quality yet it is the most expensive.

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The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

Actually, you did NOT say that.  You imply it, but then you add a comment that counters that implication (as the sentence I quoted above).

Also, in regards to the comment about proofing your article, the problem isn't the spelling, it's the grammar.  For example NON SENSE.  Those are both perfectly legitimate words, but in the context you but them, they should be the single word NONSENSE.  Likewise, you wrote "asking about Post Production Technique’s" - Technique's is possessive.  What you mean is plural Techniques.  Both spellings are correct, but they have two different meanings.  Same with "photographic ability’s" - ability's is possessive.  You want abilities (plural - although the singular ability would be acceptable).  You also use the word "than" when you should use the word "then".  Than is used to compare (such as rather than than, you want then).  Then is the linear affect (if you use then, then you will be correct).

None of this is meant to knock you, but you asked for opinions.  You are getting some good feedback.  If you can take your initial defensive reaction (we all have it - some just have learned to ignore it better) out of the picture, then you can take the additional knowledge and improve your product (in this case your article).

Also, I have to agree about the "the photographer makes the gear, not the other way around" tag.  It doesn't make sense.  I'm guessing you are trying to personalize the standard line, but you're better off using the standard or coming up with something altogether different.  Otherwise, people will assume you're misquoting.

I fixed a lot of the grammar already and updated it with new photos and fixed the layout. I posted it on here as a rough draft now it's basically in it's final form.

But you are wrong about the whole "you did NOT" say that part as I did say it in the article......I mentioned that professionals and those with the skills/money should upgrade their lenses as the professionals would make good use of the more expensive lenses.

The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

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