Do you leave your A77 (or other SLT/SLR) behind when you go on holiday?

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Re: Yes.

liquid stereo wrote:

Tom2572 wrote:

I have an A77 and a NEX-5R, both of which are upgrades from previously owned A65 and NEX-5n and both see about equal use for all the usual reasons such as bringing the NEX along when I want to be discrete and bringing the A77 when I plan to focus more or exclusively on photography. When I had the A65 and the 5N I never thought twice about taking the 5N on vacation and assumed that would still be the case with the 5R, but I've grown quite fond of the A77 and now that I have a trip to NYC coming up I'm rethinking my strategy. I have what I believe to be the right lenses (for me) for each camera so that isn't an issue.

So, throwing the question out there, do you feel comfortable leaving your best camera behind when you go on vacation?

The Fuji X-Pro1 goes with me. But I don't consider leaving the DSLR to be my best camera. Small, discreet, non-intimidating cams are absolutely fantastic. I also like taking fixed focal length lenses when I travel.

(I don't understand/know why you see a difference between the A65 and A77.)

Depends on what criteria you use to compare them. In terms of IQ there is no difference other than gaining ISO 50 with the A77, but as a person who uses mostly Minolta lenses the micro adjust feature of the A77 alone resurrected 3 lenses that I had stopped using with the A65 because they would never focus properly on that body. So, ymmv and I am not saying the A77 is better for everyone, but for me the differences are huge.

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