Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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Re: Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

steven168z wrote:

steven168z wrote:

ARB1 wrote:

gbhwc wrote:

I am ready to upgrade from an older fixed lens camera and looking for a versatile camera for:

  • Misc. Family Activities
  • Kids sports – outdoors
  • Travel
  • Backpacking & landscapes

Thanks,  Glenn

I have a D800 and an OMD and I would never grab the OMD for kids or sports, but it would be the first one I'd grab for backpacking.  I like both cameras but they serve very different rolls in my shooting.  If I had to choose only one (nice to know I don't have to choose) between the OMD and the Nikon it would be the Nikon.

why not OMD for kids or sports?

i intend to get OMD for kids.

so is there any problem gettng OMD for kids?

Yes, you can't make them sit still

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