Offering printing packages to my clients instead of a CD?

Started Apr 2, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Offering printing packages to my clients instead of a CD?

I think the voucher idea is great.  I know back in the day, it was always irritating to get the right package.  One package would have enough 8x10s that you want, but would be short on the 5x7s.  Another package would have enough 5x7s but way too many 8x10s.  You ended up with more of one size than you needed and having to spend even more money on the singles for the size you did need more of.  It aggravated most buyers.

With a voucher, a few packages (maybe at a slightly lower cost than the equal single prints), and singles, the client could pick what works best for them and have more satisfaction.

One tip, is with the packages, limit the number of poses/images.  Otherwise folks will want a different image for every print, which means you're putting a lot of time on post processing.  The single prints should have a slightly higher pricing to account for that post processing (bulk discounts for multiple prints of the same image could be offered).

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