Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

thenewcameraguy wrote:

Went to a camera Store today they don't carry nikon or sony but every other brands. The sales guy showed me X-E1 Fuji and he said it's better than nex 6 and it competes with nex 7 and beats nex 7 and I also went to Sony store to see the Nex 6 and 7. Do you guys think Fuji X-E1 competes with nex 7 and it's better? I know Fuji is expensive than both nex so does that makes it better? And the sales guy also told me sony has 5 lenses and they won't release more lens after Thier full frame nex. Is that True? I don't want to buy nex cameras and be stuck with 5 lenses. Either way if I end up with nex I will only have 3 lenses the most. If the sales guy statements are true I'll get Fuji. Please share what you guys think?

You're asking this in a NEX forum, so you'll be getting biased responses, myself included.

The X-E1 is in the same performance bracket as the NEX-6. They both are extremely capable cameras with pros and cons to each. The only area it for sure beats the NEX-7 is low-light performance. However, Fuji's X cameras overstate ISO values my a measurable margin (can't recall the article), so it looks a lot better than it actually is.

Fuji is more expensive because their lenses are really good (with e-mount lenses a bit behind). Pretty much the main reason. However, price doesn't make anything inherently "better".

That salesman is extremely biased against Sony, or is just stupid. There are many lenses for the NEX system (10-18mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 30mm macro, 35mm, 50mm, and multiple zooms), and a few more third-party lenses as well. They also plan to continue producing new lenses, even though they haven't confirmed/denied any FF NEX rumors.

If you will only end up with three lenses though...why does it matter?

My 2 cents, I have the NEX-7 and have tried out the X-Pro 1 and X-E1. Didn't like the handling of either. Images looked pretty good, though.


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