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Re: Is low-light a priority for a compact?

jim4850 wrote:

Weather too grey and lousy today to take any photos, with the right light and clear air magic can happen for anyone but with grey skies you need a magician.

Here's a nondescript photo I took a fortnight or so ago with blue sky that's not worth posting otherwise.

a bland wide angle shot.

Maybe I can add though that I'm finding the XZ-10 very useful, the results are good from anything I try and it has become a real good all rounder for the use I have for web posts, only lacking a decent zoom but all things are compromises. One of the very nice touches is the timer that doesn't reset until you want it to, I wish all camera's firmware were programmed like that.

Don't find it bland at all, Jim.  These are the kind of shots I cannot seem to find online from this camera. It's useful to see how the camera renders fine detail at infinity.

Question:  why is your image 16:9 aspect ratio? Did you crop it that way or is it an option to shoot 16:9 in the menu?

Re: the self-timer, I wish all cameras did that, as I hate having to buy a remote release and one thing that used to drive me nuts with my XZ-1 was I would use the 2-sec release to avoid any shake and it reset it after ever shot.  Whereas my Ricoh GRD III, the most photographer friendly compact I've ever used, you could just set it on 2-sec and leave it.  Good to know the XZ-10 has this feature.

Thanks a lot.  Regards, and happy shooting, Markus

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