For beginner DSLR users.....why the kit lenses are more than good enough for you

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Re: For beginner DSLR users.....why the kit lenses are more than good enough for you

Guidenet wrote:

Don Daugherty wrote:

My observations:  It feels like you express your opinions as fact.  I'm not inclined to read when you use words like "most", "always" and other generalizations without any supporting facts whatsoever.  Those are opinions, not fact.  You use a lot of emphasis with capitals and bold, but again you don't seem to support anything with facts.

Nothing personal, but the photos included don't make me feel that your point about the kit lens any stronger.   They're just not my cup of tea and I'm not compelled to feel that the kit lenses are great based on them.

I'm curious why you feel like adversarially "educating" people when you've admittedly been practicing photography for "over 1 year"?

Sovern wrote:

You can read the full article here

So after responding to thread after thread of photographers asking what lens they should upgrade to and a lack of love for the kit lenses I decided to write up an article on why I think that the kit lens is more than good enough for most photographers and how it does 95% of what the lenses that cost $1-2K do.

Basically I go into detail of why the lens used in a particular photo is is only the icing on the cake when it comes to how well your photos look and how the photographer and his set of skills determine how his photos look......not the lens.

I also talk about a few strategy's on how to make the kit lens better the primary one turning the kit lens into a non variable aperture zoom lens keeping your exposure/lighting (whether it be flash or not) consistent by setting your kit lens to F5.6 no manner what (of course in some situations you wouldn't want to do this).

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the kit lenses (18-55 paired with 55-250) offers the most bang for the buck and that most photographers would benefit more from reading books, asking for photo critiques, learning about lighting, and learning more about post production?

Share your thoughts.

All the best.

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The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

Sovern, I have to agree with Don here. What's going on? You've got a year of experience and some of your viewpoints and ideas show it. Some is just made up. Your blog is filled with bad spelling, poor grammar and horrible sentence structure. Some is so poor it's almost impossible to reason out what you're trying to say. Why are you attempting to educate others in this manner?

Even your signature tag line makes little sense. "The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around." What in the world does that mean? The old saying is something on the order of "The photographer makes a great image, not the gear," but whoever heard of the way you put it? You don't make the gear. Canon did. In fact that brings me to the point where it seems all you know much about is the entry level Canon gear. Do some research.

You and your girlfriend bought a new Canon Rebel and you're attempting to set yourself up as a professional with no clients and a blog with no experience. I actually do like some of your photographs and do think you may have talent, but you don't seem to have much experience yet and I'm not sure you really know photography as a craft yet. By your writing skills, I think you're going to make yourself look worse not better, unfortunately.

Why not get someone to proof-read your work for grammar and structure? Run it through a spell checker and let a couple of friends check it for errors in logic. As Don says, lose the adversarial style as well. You don't need to bold things up to make a point or type in caps. Try outlining first with some top level down reasoning. Here on these forums, we're casual and make typos all the time. It's different when you blog. You're posing as a professional or expert. You've got to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Suggestion: Rather than post an advertisement here for your blog, why not request people here to proof read it and contribute prior to public consumption? Be humble about it. I'm thinking the only reason you've not yet run foul of DPR's anti-advertising (for free) policies is your blog is not professional enough to consider.

I was really hoping you'd get better. It's always nice when a novice has passion like what you seem to have, but it's not getting better and if you're trying to inspire people to hire you, you have some serious work to do. Good luck, really.

Take Care.

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Cheers, Craig
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No offense but I am a working photographer. I have two shoots lined up for the weekend and have future clients lined up a long with past events shot that I got paid for.

Also, I'm not understanding the whole grammar argument as I spell checked it twice and the sentence structure seems good enough to me or else you and others would not be able to discuss what I talked about in my blog.

I don't know where you got this "you bought a rebel" nonsense from which is untrue as I shoot with a 40D and she's my assistant.

I really don't have much work to do when it comes to "inspiring people" to hire me as like I said I have a bunch of paid work lined up....I just think you're jealous ;).

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The photographer makes the gear, not the other way around.

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