Where is my D400?!!!

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Re: Where is my D400?!!!

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Pretty good for ISO 1600 on a D300.

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Thats was also my first thought !  With ISO 1600 shots like that from a D300 who needs the D400 ?

Well, you need pretty ideal circumstances to get that level of performance out of ISO 1600 on the D300 and there are many circumstances where you need/want to go higher than ISO 1600.  Something like this was ISO 25600, 1/200, f/2.8 on a rented D600.  Didn't even attempt it with my D300.

That would be 1/12 sec at ISO1600 ... and these are relatively static subjects (as opposed to BIF). With a D7100 sensor, one could at least try ISO 6400, which would allow 1/50.  Enough reason for me to want that in a D400.

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

The subjects were moving and it was handheld at 100mm.  1/100th might have worked if you tried to pick your moment for min subject motion with good VR, but I don't think I could have gone below that without refusing to shoot anything that was moving (even moving slowly).  But, I think your point is that a D7100/D400 might give this shot a chance over a D300 which I can see.

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