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Re: Never mind....

John Sheehy wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

I ordered the Q and I'll use the Pentax K to Q adapter and get a DA 55-300 and a Fanotec tripod foot as soon as they are available. I can figure out which would be the best option for my 50-500 Sigma later if @1700mm isn't sufficient....

It looks like a dynamite light and small combination which should work well with my Carry Speed VF3...

One big negative which I really didn't catch on to right away is the slow rolling shutter of the Q; no matter how fast the "shutter speed" (IOW, how long each line of pixels is exposed), it is at least 1/13s from the time the exposure begins until it ends, so any major hand shake may result in jello, or a steady camera with an active subject can get a jello subject against a static background.  The Q10 is 1/30s.

What is needed is adapters with leaf shutters with aperture control; that would make the best of the situation.  AFAIK; only Pentax makes an adapter (K -> Q) with a mechanical shutter.

I think that the Pentax Q to K is the one I have ordered ($249.00) which has the mechanical shutter. Hopefully, it will suffice and also allows the in-body stabilization electronics to function. I believe one has to input the focal length manually, but there have been some pretty good results posted with this combination at pretty long focal lengths, so it should be better or at least much more versatile than my little Nikon CP4500 and CP990 with the Swarovski 80 or my Meade ETX 90. Of course there is zero CA with the Meade, but still limited to afocal and around F14 and ISO 200 max for decent results. Mainly, I'm looking for 1400mm or a bit more FL with F5.8 and both the ability to shoot half-way decent video and reasonably detailed stills of primarily still wildlife and birds on perches. I would prefer the Q 10, but got the Q for $239 with the kit lens and it would cost a couple hundred more at least for the Q 10 at current prices.

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