Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Yes: Retina Display.

gaussian blur wrote:

Fat Dragon wrote:

After 9 months, still nothing like this available besides on a MacBook Pro.

Excellent pixel density, mediocre (at best) color reproduction. Good for viewing photos as a consumer? Alright. Good for editing as a pro? No. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see higher resolutions available in PC's laptops, but aside from the fact that the OP said nothing about laptops, there are many laptops with better screens than the Retina, and for less money.

Which PC laptop has a display anywhere close to the Retina? Oh right, none. And the colour is very good, with a very wide viewing angle too.

Any PC laptop with an IPS display (there are dozens) has equally wide viewing angles.

The viewing angle isn't its claim to fame, it's the resolution and its colour gamut.

Many of them have better than the 60% color gamut of the Retina display. The colors might look very good to you because the screen is brightly-lit, but that's not worth much.

I don't know where you get the 60% figure. Apple claims full sRGB and tests have shown that to be true.

The fact is that the Retina display is only remarkable in the current laptop market for its resolution. That's often the first thing people look at in a screen's specs because it's the easiest to understand, but it's far from the most important.

Resolution is very important. Otherwise we'd all be using VGA displays. The fact is that the retina display is very, very good. Other companies wish they could have something as good. Just ask people who actually use a Retina display. They won't go back.

I give. Apple is the greatest. They have lots of big numbers that prove it. I'll start my tithe to Apple next month, giving 20% until I've made up for lost time. Steve Jobs was a visionary and a saint and probably had a really big weiner as well. Like, HUGE.

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