Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: For power users, the Mac really does win. Here's why.

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Fat Dragon wrote:

It happens regularly with PC manufacturers. Once the model is out of stock, it's cheaper for replacements to be made with newer models, which is the same reason Apple replaces machines with newer models.

So someone can take their broken computer to Best Buy or wherever they bought their computer and then walk out with a new computer? Sorry, but yesterday was April Fool's, not today.

That happens, I've personally done it. However, in most cases one has to work with the manufacturer, not the reseller. Just like you couldn't typically take a broken iPad into a OneZero (local authorized Apple reseller where I live) and trade it in for a new one. That you live near a store run by your manufacturer is convenient for you, but those who don't live near such a store have to deal with all of the same issues whether they're trying to repair or replace a Mac or any other brand of computer.

Components usually come with much more generous standard warranties than systems, and if they go bad within the warranty period but after a couple part generations have passed, there's a good chance the replacement will be current-generation, for the same reason that system manufacturers often send newer replacements - the item being replaced is no longer stocked so they replace it with the newer equivalent.

Except when it's an interoperability issue. Each company blames the others. Nobody wants to take the blame, plus it might not be just one single component anyway. Been there done that.

Passing the buck is not typical for component manufacturers. They know that some of their components will burn out or be DOA, so they typically work very nicely with consumers. Now, diagnosing problems as an owner can be tricky, but if you're willing to learn a few things, it's typically pretty easy to work these things out.

Warranties for electronics are tied to the serial number - the actual product - regardless of who owns them. If you bought a used HP laptop under warranty, you would have been able to get whatever warranty service or replacement options they offered, just the same as any other manufacturer.

Depends on the company. Sometimes warranties are non-transferrable and a lot of times they want an original receipt. Nikon and Canon, for example, only warrants their cameras and lenses to the original purchaser. Buy a used camera or lens and you're on your own, especially from eBay. Even buying new from a seller that's not an authorized seller can sometimes be a problem.

Fair enough. For computers, the industry standard is that the warranty insures the product, not the buyer.

For every story like this I've heard, I've heard two stories of Apple quoting repair prices for out-of-warranty MacBooks that are higher than what the machine cost brand new. They may treat some people right, but they happily screw others. If you don't live near an Apple Store (the vast majority of the world's population doesn't), service options get sketchy and expensive fast. Maybe this isn't true in the US, but about 96% of the world's population lives outside the US, so that doesn't count for much.

The majority of the world's population doesn't own computers so they don't need to be near an Apple Store. Not that it matters, since Apple will overnight a prepaid box to those not near a store or who don't want to go to one. Pack up the computer, call for it to be picked up and it's usually back in 2 days.

Apple Stores are generally where there are lots of people. There are five Apple Stores in New York City and 12 more in the rest of New York, but only one store in Iowa.

There are eight Apple stores in China and none within 600 miles of my city, even though it's a population center of 8 million. There are tons of people with Apple devices in China, and they don't get mail-in service, they get asked to take their device into a contracted service center that usually charges more than Apple will reimburse and often takes weeks for repairs. This is the norm for most of the world.

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