New NEX-6 user needs first prime - SEL3518 or Sigma 30mm or legacy prime

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Re: New NEX-6 user needs first prime - SEL3518 or Sigma 30mm or legacy prime

mgn2 wrote:

I just got my NEX-6 with the kit lens (16-50) a day ago and so far love it. I don't think I will miss my Nikon SLR gear (D40+18-55mm kit lens+35mm 1.8G prime+55-200mm zoom) going forward. I have a Fujifilm X100 which I think is the dog's bollocks and so I'm covered at 23mm with a fast prime.

I want to start building (slowly) a setup with the NEX-6 eventually ending up with 3 more lenses - a wide/UWA zoom/prime, a fast 'normal' 35mm-ish prime and a longer zoom. The very reason I wanted to switch from SLR to the NEX was size and form factor and it doesn't hurt that you can get professional quality IQ (IMHO) with the NEX. So I would like to keep everything as small as possible and would like add a fast normal 35mm prime first.

I am not a pixel peeper, I shoot jpeg only (might experiment with RAW, HDR, etc. but only seldom), and I am not looking for the absolute sharpest lens - just something that is fast, small and renders beautiful colors with decent sharpness just like the lens on my Fujifilm X100.

What should I get -

the SEL 3518 (con is that as it is expensive) or

Sigma 30mm (con is that it is not too fast) or

a legacy prime with an adapter (con is that it may not be small with an adapter and mild inconvenience of focus and aperture control)?

IMO all roads lead to the 35/1.8. Put is this way: everyone needs at least one native fast lens for general low light work. With E-mount that means the 24/1.8, 35/1.8 or the 50/1.8. Most consider the 50mm to be too wide for low-light indoor work, and if you think the 35/1.8 is expensive then the 24/1.8 is a non-starter. That leaves the 35mm.

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