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Re: EPL 3 lenses?

Well, i didnt recommend the Sigma 30, some other poster did, and if I had to recommend an m4/3 lens for portraits it would be, hands down, the Oly 45 1.8.  the Sigma may be a fine lens but is too short and not fast enough in my view to be a versatile portrait lens.  granted, the 45 is more expensive than the Sigma, but you get what you pay for.  the Oly 75 is another option for portrait work but many would find that too long and it is way more expensive than the 45.  In the end there is no absolute "right" focal length for portraits, it all depends on what you like, but the traditional portrait lengths in m4/3 terms would be between 42.5 and 60.  Panny has a 42.5 in the works but it is likely to be pricey.  Anything shorter may give you unwanted distortion.

as for wide lenses for the purposes you propose, you can go with a zoom (the Panny 7-14 or the Oly 9-18) or a prime -- either the Panny 14 2.5 or the Oly 12 2.0 if you want to stay with auto focus lenses.  I don't think you can go too far wrong with any of these choices, each has its plusses and cost may end up being the decisive factor.  I havent used either of those zooms as I prefer primes usually and I have the Panny 14 as my widest prime.  You can pick one up off ebay for less than $200 and while not superfast you usually won't need too much speed for landscape and architectural work.  I would love to have the Oly 12 but it is pricey, too pricey for me as it would not get as much as use as my other primes (the Panny 20, the Oly 45 and the Oly 60).  The Panny 14 suits my needs well enough and I can always stitch two shots together if I need to get wider for  landscapes.

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