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Re: Is low-light a priority for a compact?

ChrisWal wrote:

Hi Markus,

I'm very pleased to say that my XZ-10 arrived today. The "form factor" is everything I hoped for: definitely pocket-sized and with a satisfying build quality. I only had a chance to grab a few snaps but already I think I'm happy.

That's great.  Congratulations on the new XZ-10. It looks like a very nice camera.  I've seen a video on YouTube of it's AF performance, and it's most impressive.

If I get the chance to go and get some real test shots over the next couple of days, what would you really like to see to help you with your choice?

I'd like to see some normal outdoor daylight images, scenics, architecture, landscapes, i.e., some local buildings, people milling about, anything really.  Nothing fancy, I just haven't seen many ISO 100-400 images (distant shots) from the XZ-10.

I've seen a few close ups and they look great like these XZ-10 shots for example.

The close-ups like these have been most impressive.  Sharp and colorful.

I have not seem too many more distant shots - landscaps, street images, candid, people or animal photos, etc.

This will not be in the spirit of trying to prove a point (I'm already almost satisfied) but to help you (and possibly other enthusiasts) get closer to making a decision with this camera.

Not worries, Chris, just have fun with your camera.  And thanks for thinking of us XZ-10 starved users.  Much appreciated.

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