Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Re: Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

Neurad1 wrote:

I am traveling to Ireland soon and would like to have an unobstrusive pocketable camera to use indoors (or outdoors when appropriate/necessary). I want it have IQ sufficient that if (God forbid) something happened to the Oly I would still come home with good pictures. I have a Canon S95 that is good, but perhaps not worthy of the role I describe above. I can't afford a Sony RX1 (and it's not pocketable, at least in my pants). So.....

I'm looking for opinions about the best pocketable camera to be the Robin to my OMD Batman. I have posted in this forum because I really am interested in what other M43 users would consider a worthy companion/backup in this category. If you all agree with my wife that: "I don't NEED a new camera, just bring the dang S95" then vote for that. Thanks for indulging me.

I'm considering:

Sony RX1

Nikon Coolpix A


Either a Coolpix A or RX100 would be excellent choices.  If you want to go a bit bigger, but an as good or better choice because of the superb VF would be the X100.  The original X100 can be found on Ebay used for around 700 USD or lens and new from Hong Kong for $800-900.  A new X100s with the PDAF and X-Trans sensor would also be a fantastic choice, but it will be close to two times as expensive as a used.

The Coolpix A, RX100 and X100 will give you excellent IQ, but the two APS-C cameras will be considerable better (around 2 EV netter in low-light) than the RX100.

The Coolpix A has the best combination of size and IQ.  The landscape images I have seen with the A are stunningly good.  It has great high ISO, DR and colors, and for an APS-C sensor camera, and very small casing.

If you think you want to document your trip with some video, the RX100 is an absolutely superb video camera with sharp, essentially moire/aliasing free 1080p60 AVCHD video straight out-of-camera.

Lastly, something like a EPM2 w/ 20 1.7 or 17 1.8 would be a great little shooter and you can share the lenses you already have.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for a truly pocketable high end compact like the Canon S95, S110, or Nikon P330.  At lower ISO settings, these cameras have remarkably good IQ that would satisfy even the most ardent pixel peeper.  Especially if you shoot them in RAW.  But if you can afford it, for an important trip to a country with some absolutely wonderful landscapes, I'd say bring the best gear you can.

Good luck, have a nice trip and safe travels, Markus

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