Future of Pentax?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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FF is about basic marketing common sense ...

.. which Pentax doesn't have .. yet.

Or, the previous Pentax brand owners didn't bother to secure the stabile future of the Pentax brand.

Some products are made just to sell other products. Every car manufacturer and audiophile equipment manufacturer knows that simple, basic, common sense marketing strategy.

In any smart lineup, there is always a prestige product that with its set price and performances sells all other products by truckloads. That product alone sets the tension, drives our mind to dwell in comparisons and judgments, wishful thinking, important dreaming, and these are the tasks our mind simply loves.

Your comments I have extracted don't answer that basic marketing sense at all. You presume customers buy only what is good for them. However, buyers do not respond to that call at all — they only justify the purchase with that excuse, but the real motivator is the product set above their limits, or above their chosen one. For Nikon it's D4. For Canon it's 1DX.

Pentax doesn't have one still, really. It has a 645D, which is obscure in itself. It's something like a car salesman's answer to an enquiry about few car models available, "But we have a truck model too..". Something totally unrelated.

Pentax is clearly losing potential customers because it doesn't have a wishful camera equipment — something slightly out of reach of many, but still very relevant and desirable.

And that is FF.

Barry Pearson wrote:

Are you saying that Pentax needs an FF camera so that buyers of smaller-sensor cameras know they have somewhere to go? Or that all buyers of Pentax dSLRs will go straight to FF?...

So: why would a typical Pentax buyer need FF? Or are you saying that Pentax urgently needs an eye-level electronic viewfinder mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor, because it is only dSLRs that need FF? And if so, why?..

Some of the discussions about FF appear to concentrate on what a minority want, and ignore the fact that the vast majority of photographers don't do the sort of photography that needs FF.

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Zvonimir Tosic
“A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it.”
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