What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Re: Another true believer

PerL wrote:

richarddd wrote:

PerL wrote:

Is it a mistake to trust experiences and opinions and reviews more than a simulated test, where the simulation seems to go against all user reports?

An example from another field. Try testing people's ability to distinguish high bit rate audio from low bit rate audio, for example, 320kbps mp3 compared to 160k.  Everyone I know can easily tell which is which when they know which is which. Approximately no one (beyond random chance) can tell which is which in a double blind test.

People who don't like to believe they can't distinguish usually complain in the terms you use.

Of course, it's not always easy to create a well designed test, but the objection should point out why the test is not well designed. Saying it can't be a proper test because it doesn't correspond to general experience is not a good objection.

I guess you also believe that you can buy a GF5 and get the same AF-C performance as a Nikon D4. I just feel sorry for those people who actually base purchase decisions on what they read here.

This is a forum for the true believers, I realize that now.

On the contrary, the forum seems to be invaded by "true believers" from outside. What Richard pointed out was exactly what distinguishes "true believers" from those ready to evaluate new evidence not on the basis of whether it matches some preconceived notion of the truth but on the basis of the quality of the evidence itself.

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