HX300 vs HS50 vs FZ200 w/ TC 1200mm vs 1000mm vs 1020mm?

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Re: There is difference in light and focus point?

kkardster wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

I cropped two sections where both have similar light and in focus. FZ200 left - HS50 right.

I disagree that you've selected areas in focus for both cameras.  Cole already noted that the large sticker on the larger electrical box was the focal point - not the post to the left nor plants to the right.  Even though the EXIF data is missing the aperture, the shutter speed difference indicates that the apertures are indeed different - as is the DOF.

FZ200 on left - HS50 on right:

FZ200 (l) vs. HS50 (r) 100% crop of focal point

It looks more to me that the focal point is different and therefore there's no directly-comparable section in this example.

Originals are here with EXIF...the Spot Focus was used on both cams top right hand corner of largest sticker...timer and tripod...best shots selected from a group after tweaking HS50 several times to get best jpeg output...FZ200 was set at -2 Sharp...-2 Saturation...-1 NR...HS 50 was set like Joms instructions except I +2 Sharp and -2 NR to get a sharp jpeg...Spot Metering...

FZ200 set at f/4 and HS50 at f/5.6...

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