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Re: RX100 pocket protection

Michael_UK wrote:

I purchased a "logik" brand small camera wrap from PC world in the UK for my Sony RX-100.


The wrap measures 21cm x 11cm. It is a perfect fit width wise on the Sony, but only just fits length-wise with a small overlap onto the velcro of only about 1.5cm, so it grips shut but only just, though it is just sufficient to hold it closed and it has never come apart.

It would be a perfect fit if it were 2cm longer to give more overlap onto the velcro, so i would suggest that the Sony RX-100 needs a wrap measuring 23cm x 11cm

hope this is of some help.


That's a useful note and just at the right time as I might be visiting my local PC World store tomorrow. Although from what you say I'm not sure this wrap will fit in my case as I have my RX in a GARIZ half-case..these are a super fit and add very little to the camera.. but it IS of coiurse that bit extra and if this PCW one is already a bit of a tight fit then with the GARIZ it may be just too much.. Well..we'll maybe see...I know PCW..and Currys just up the same road..do have a nice collection of varied cases - cheap too are most of them - and I only want one as a sort of house-cover really..not to carry it when out.

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