Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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I'm not happy with my S95

I'm not going to give you a recommendation on which camera to buy because I don't know which one is best. However, what I will do is to support you whole-heartedly in your decision to buy a new camera to replace your S95.

That's actually why I'm visiting this m43 forum - I'm trying to figure out what camera to complement my FF camera. When I don't mind lugging stuff around, I'll use my 5d3+ 17-40L + 50 1.4 + 24-70L + 100 f/2.8L + 70-300 and I am continually impressed with the stunning images that I'm able to get.

However it's obvious that my gear is a pain to carry (literally). Occasionally, I'll go on a trip bringing only my S95. Of course I have lower expectations and I don't hold the S95 images to the same scrutiny as my full-frame DSLR, but yet I'm still not happy with it.

First of all, the S95 sensor is okay at ISO 80, 100 and 200... but once you get to ISO 400, it's pretty noisy. At ISO 800 and 1600, forget about it. If you want to shoot in a pub/bar situation and you're not using the flash much, you're not going to be happy with the noise.

Secondly, I'm let down by the S95's lens. It's quite prone to flaring which washes everything out horribly. Beyond that, even with ideal lighting conditions, the contrast the lens delivers isn't great.

Thirdly, the flash is not bounceable and gives lots of red-eye and deer-in-the-headlight type images when you use it. If you don't use it, the high-iso capabilities of the camera don't deliver.

Once in a while, things will click and I'll get a good image from the S95, but it's a lot of work to get there. So, I'm voting against your wife and advising you to get a new pocket cam!

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